Keep An Organized Desk At Work

Whether it’s a brand new office, a return to an old one, or the hectic work-from-home environment, your desk is the headquarters for everything you do. How it’s organized will set the disposition for your entire day, so make sure you can keep a clean space easily, and always.

White Space

When setting up your desk, it can be easy to gather every item you think you’ll need and eat up vacant surface space. But as soon as you’re handed a form to sign or need to review some notes, you’ll see the value is just having some white space to work with. Keep an available gap on your dominant side, closer to the edge, and large enough for a full piece of paper or notebook. Not only will this create a minimalistic appearance and easy place to work with, but you’ll save the time and frustration of pushing aside clutter every time you need space.


Even if you cleaned out your desk last week, I’m willing to bet there’s a stack of papers or a handful of old Post-Its still floating around. Be diligent in your cleaning, keeping in mind that you can store unneeded documents in boxes away from your workspace. Your desk is for immediate items only, thing you use every day, and should be kept clear of anything that could collect dust.

Clear unnecessary equipment or even furniture that you’ve been “meaning” to use or don’t even work. Pack away old files or books that you haven’t used in 3 months and put them into storage boxes or filing cabinets. Broken pencils, business cards, empty boxes – be diligent and use your judgment for a clutter-free office.

Go Back-To-School Shopping

Didn’t you love that feeling of fresh pencils and new tools to organize your binder? Bring back that warm, fuzzy nostalgia by giving yourself to an Office Depot or Dollar Tree trip to effectively organize your workspace and bring a shiny new look to your desk. Folders to organize your students, mailboxes for admin, and storage boxes for files & papers you don’t need for now. Treat yourself to some new pens & pencils and new ways to organize unwanted clutter. Team this up with daily diligence and organization and that back-to-school feeling will last you a whole semester!

Personal Items

Depending on your work environment, you might not want personal items on display as distractions at your desk. However, having little trinkets and items dear to your heart can allow you a moment throughout the day to connect with what you love. Anything from family photos to toy cars can be a connection to your home life and keep your eye on the prize.

The experts say to keep it to 3 items, but use your own discretion depending on your environment. Keep these items in the background of your desk, furthest away from your chair. This way they remind you without unwanted distraction, while being an accessible conversation topic for anyone sitting on the other side of your desk.


At the end of each day, do a quick tidy-up of your desk and straighten everything up before you go. Coming into a tidy work area first thing in the morning will set your mood for the rest of the day and have you feeling prepared and ready for your morning tasks. Having organizational equipment around will also make this easier at the end of every day.

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